Mc Flo - Hami Sangai Ta Chau Ni | 2017

  • Published on:  Monday, February 6, 2017
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    Hami sangai ta chau ni is a nepali song by mc flo. This song narrates a sad story of a couple on their last meeting, before the boy leaves for abroad. He is telling his girlfriend that the day has come to leave for him to make a good life for himself.

    He tells his sweetheart that he will miss her and not to miss him because as this song suggests they are together. This beautiful nepali song has three verses each time the boy talks to his sweetheart and tells her that everything will be fine and that he will miss her everyday and expects her to understand.

    He gives her hope saying that everything will be fine. And when they meet they will be together and have a family and settle down together. One of the most beautiful nepali song you probably have ever heard.

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    Performed By : Mc Flo
    Lyrics : Mc Flo
    Produced By : Hype
    Video By : Mc Flo

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