Dax - "GODZILLA" Remix [One Take Video]

  • Published on:  Saturday, February 1, 2020
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    Shot by: Logen Meis

    #Godzilla #Eminem #Remix


    This beats incredible
    Me and Eminem beats are identical twins were like inseparable
    I sing I rap they’re side by side just like my testicles
    I’m gonna fuck this beat like my girl it’s gonna sound sexual
    Listen close if your skeptical
    I’m bout mop it up
    Toes painted while I’m robbin ya
    Daxnos repping H and M
    They all “humbly miss” if they holliser
    Twist words like I’m oliver
    See my future something like philosophers
    Niggas just like forester
    Went the extra mile they went kilometers
    I’m bout to eradicate it
    If they spoke on my name it was fabricated
    Every move that I made has been calculated
    If you hating then you get decapitated
    Are you captivated
    I was born for this why are you aggravated
    I got drip it’s so hot it evaporated
    I got drive you in park I can validate it
    Cut this beat up bout to examinate it
    No exaggeration this no problem a kuna matata
    Niggas be lion I might call you simba and give you a scar and say Hasta Mañana
    I finish beats like a period don’t take no breaks If do it’s count up my commas
    I’m hot like sauna, I’m spitting my nigga I feel like lama, I’m bombing on beats man I feel like osama, I’m taking precedence trumping the game blacking out on country I feel like I’m obama, you rap for a chapter I rap for a saga, I’m milking this beat like Tits on our mamas, this beat is home its mi casa es su casa, I’m changing my flows skin on iguanas, my dick is big when I grabbed it showed her she looked up to heaven and screamed anaconda
    If you chit chat
    You will get gang banged just double cheese and a MCchicken when mis matched,
    Then toe tagged like tic tac, my flow nice if you say its not we know that’s big cap
    It’s Dax you know that ima get big racks, click click 2020 imma make impact,
    In fact imma drop hits everytime I roll out, just did a show in my city and sucked on some titties I had that bitch sold out, watch how I dunk on the beat like I been in the league eint nobody got more bounce, People will do anything For the fame everything is a game they want more clout

    This shit is a warm up dawg
    The labels been calling I’m working I really don’t mean to ignore I’m exploring dawg, sleeping on me people snoring just start touring free man like my first name is Morgan bars illegal like downloaded Torrent,
    so fly like I’m out the orbit,
    white flag when I rap people forfeit, straight bars bitch I don’t need a chorus,
    of course they gon hate an ignore it,
    terabytes in my brain I got storage,
    7 figure nigga bitch Important,
    left hand if I shoot it I score it
    you a baby that they should of aborted,
    Fuck hate if they throw I absorb it,
    Cocaine flow it sounds like I snorted,

    Rapping to infinity
    It’s clear I’m the hardest and baddest in the vicinity
    I’ve never gimmicky
    Never been fidgety
    Hottest you can check the humidity
    In to win it more talented than niggas ahead of me
    KILLA delivery lyrical symmetry
    everything I spit is godly like I’m rapping in ministry
    I’m a bout get a felony wit dis typa energy oh I can’t rap fast what fuck is you telling me must be sniffing meth amphetamine you niggas is ddddd dead to me you cannot knock me off this ddddd destiny especially how I’ve done it and killed it all independently they hated but could never assasinate my identity I’m ggg genetically gifted kkk kill everything I touch it’s ridiculous, fuck opinions, who gon stop me bitch I’m going the distance, I’m gonna finish, gonna win it, 2020 I’m blowing I’m gon get it

    This shits incredible
    If you don’t show respect I know you eint no intellectual
    What goes around comes around this shits perpetual
    I’m sick I might need medical
    I’m bending words like bechkam my bars be so damn flexible
    Get green just like a vegetable
    My shit be so precise when I’m rapping I’m Using decimals
    Mixing it like chemicals
    I’m free styling but might do this whole beat cuz I’m extendable
    do not try this at home kids it’s only for us professionals