Madonna: Plastic Surgery (1985-2021) - Fillers or Photoshop?

  • Published on:  Monday, August 23, 2021

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    Madonna Ciccone, The famous and Iconic American singer, has been one of the most requested analysis videos. She is beautiful, she is talented, and today I will go over her entire lifetime and see what work she may have done.

    This video is my opinion only and I have no actual hard medical evidence that the celebrity we will be talking about has had any of the plastic surgery procedures that we will talk about today.

    This video is solely for the purpose of making people aware of just how much work goes into the perfect images that celebs have to put forward and not to shame anyone. If you are a super fan of the celebrity we will be analyzing today and can’t stand to hear anything said about them; I encourage you to click out of this video now.

    Madonna was Born on august 16, 1958, in Bay city, Detroit, Her family was large, and she had many siblings. Madonna was only 5 when her mother died from breast cancer. In interviews, Madonna has said that her personality comes from her mother.

    Now for Madonna and her natural beauty traits. She has beautiful eyes that are large, deep set, and almond shaped. She has a small face, high cheekbones, with a heart shaped face and delicate lips. Even in her 20s, we can see that she is naturally beautiful.

    She has had a lot of things done in my opinion and so I will summarize here what body parts may have been worked on, but you will need to stay tuned in the video to see which procedures and when. She possibly had work done on her Mouth, teeth, nose (typical for celebs), bust, lips, skin, temporary lifts, fillers, cheeks, neck, eyes, butt, and more. She has had a long career, and has slowly shaped her body in surgical and natural ways. I do want to be clear that why she did get different work done here and there, she also worked really hard by exercising, dieting, and toning her body the natural way. She has fantastic trainers as most big celebrities do.

    About Madonna and her career and business ventures. Madonna has a 27 year old boyfriend named Ahlamalik Williams, and has 6 kids of her own: Lourdes Leon, Rocco Ritchie, David Banda, Stelle Ciccone, Estere Ciccone, Mercy James. Madonna herself is 63, is known as the queen of Pop, is considered one of the most influential modern artists of our time, and has pulled in over $1.4 Billion in estimated revenue just from concerts over her lifetime. She has sold over 300 million albums worldwide to date, and has performed for over 4 decades. She is considered to be the most successful single solo female artist of all time and has an astounding number of #1 singles. She has also had some roles in movies, tv shows, Has her own record label business Maverik which is successful. She has started multiple fashion brands such as: M By Madonna, MDG, Material Girl, Truth or Dare by Madonna, MDNA Skincare products. Overall Madonna has a net worth of about $850 million dollars. She earned it through talent, persistence, and smart business skills.

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