Nigerian Chapman mocktail recipe

  • Published on:  Thursday, February 21, 2019
  • So while we were locked up on Saturday for no absolute reason, Shawn decided to share with us his Chapman recipe, I hope you like it and try it out someday. S.W.I.P.E

    So first you need
    Strawberry syrup or grenadine
    Lime or lemon juice
    Angostura bitters
    Fanta and sprite
    Water to dilute
    Nicely chopped strawberries (can use watermelon or any other fruit you desire)
    Nicely chopped cucumber
    And you can use either cucumber or lemon for the crowning
    Some ice cubes
    And finally a straw 😊

    It was yummy 😋 you can get the light up cups from the camera lens mug and the bulb shape bottle 😊