What I've Learned From Being 23... | Life Chats

  • Published on:  Monday, April 16, 2018
  • Hey darlings, originally I planned to make this video and title it "23 things i've learned in 23 years" but instead, I edited out some of my video so that it would not be 40 minutes long.

    I hope that these life lessons I've learned can offer you a fresh and encouraging perspective whether your in high school, college or 'adulting' full time ;)

    Here are some of my absolute best self help videos surrounding motivation, childhood trauma, spirituality, money and of course PERIODS! All women should watch that one. Let me know if you would like to hear me speak in depth on any of the topics in this video!

    I love listening to my horoscope forecast for the month, Kelly is intuitive and it can be a very validating experience: here is her playlist for each horoscope sign and what to see in the coming of May 2018 https://www.nghenhachay.net/p/PLVDpYPWyRb1ioYiS3CUx1YtZerWvqjjmA

    Gary V The Greatest Speech Ever: https://www.nghenhachay.net/play/blNobGxvTmdNMkU.html
    Understanding Who You Are VS Who You WISH You Were https://www.nghenhachay.net/play/SHdYc0ZQWnAzZlE.html

    TEAL SWAN: Periods https://www.nghenhachay.net/play/SFJDQXZzT2w4WHM.html

    Also, for women from Teal: https://www.nghenhachay.net/play/dnpZekZ4dzhBTVU.html

    My overall perspective on the law of attraction (a must see): https://www.nghenhachay.net/play/VjZ4Q2pZMzlfdDA.html

    Ted Talk: The power of seduction in our everyday lives (get what you want) https://www.nghenhachay.net/play/VEJJTDJzZGZvVmM.html

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