Should You Start A Nonprofit or a Social Enterprise?

  • Published on:  Saturday, December 5, 2020
  • Should you start a nonprofit organization or a social enterprise? Is a social enterprise a nonprofit or a business? We’ll answer that and more in this video. #Nonprofit #Entrepreneurship #SocialEnterprise

    I now work full time for the 501c3 nonprofit I started many years ago and love seeing the social impact we make in our community as we grow. As we’ve grown, we’ve incorporated parts of a social enterprise business model. I’ve also known many people who started with social entrepreneurship (vs a traditional nonprofit route) and are making an incredible impact on the world!

    In this video I talk about what a social enterprise IS, and how it fits into starting a nonprofit or starting a business - because the truth is, social entrepreneurship can be a part of either a nonprofit or a for-profit business model. It’s ALL about making a difference on the world.


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