Canon RF 24-105mm for Portrait Photography?

  • Published on:  Monday, February 10, 2020
  • I discuss whether or not the Canon RF 24-105mm lens is good for portrait photography. Will versatility and reach be good enough? I will test this out on the Canon EOS R, using the RF 24-105mm zoom lens. Here's the quick answer--Yes! It is a more than capable portrait lens.

    Many photographers often have to find the balance between what we desire and what we can afford. There is a lot of information out there covering the most expensive tools you can purchase, but they are not necessary for you to create professional quality work. Canon's 24-105mm lens is not a cheap lens, but it is one of the cheapest zoom lenses you can buy that will significantly upgrade your versatility. With a consistent aperture and a really good focal length range, there isn't much you can't do with the Canon 24-105mm lens.

    • Camera: Canon EOS R
    • Primary Zoom Lens: Canon 24-105mm F4
    • Primary Fixed Lens: Canon 35mm Macro F1.8
    • Secondary Fixed Lens: Canon 50mm F1.8
    • Filter: Tiffen Black Promist 1/4 Strength
    • Primary Light: Godox VL150
    • Secondary Light Neewer SL60W




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