What To Wear When You Don't Know What To Wear

  • Published on:  Sunday, October 3, 2021
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    Outfit links:

    Base outfit 1:
    - UNIQLO black trousers: https://bit.ly/3uDda9X
    - Acne Studios black trousers: https://bit.ly/3A0uRSd
    - Black boots: https://bit.ly/3yJq0Vo
    (more affordable alternative: https://bit.ly/39YPh3i)
    - Black tee: https://bit.ly/3uB7HAu
    - Grey hoodie: https://bit.ly/3ou1Gon
    - Blue overshirt: ARKET but no longer available
    - Grey blazer: Zara but no longer available
    - Bomber jacket: Drole de Monsieur but no longer available
    - Black shirt: https://florenceblack.co.uk/product/wool-boxy-shirt/?ref=8&view=men

    Base outfit 2:
    - Straight fit light blue jeans: https://bit.ly/39YpbgZ
    - Sneakers: https://bit.ly/3BaEJtR
    - Cardigan: https://bit.ly/3uyDS3E
    - Tank top: https://bit.ly/2YbB3tp
    - Grey hoodie: https://bit.ly/3ou1Gon
    - White turtleneck: https://florenceblack.co.uk/product/lambswool-roll-neck-sweater-cream/?ref=8&view=men
    - Overcoat: De Fursac but no longer available

    Base outfit 3:
    - Beige trousers: ARKET but no longer available
    - Sneakers: https://bit.ly/2XmcZDD
    - Oversized tee: https://bit.ly/3Ahvbw5
    - Green sweatshirt: https://bit.ly/3B9w8Yl
    - White turtleneck: https://bit.ly/3a1t44B
    - White jacket: Zara but no longer available

    Music downloaded from Epidemic Sound: http://share.epidemicsound.com/tgVQ8

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