TXT (투모로우바이투게더) - 'Magic Island' | MV & TEASER REACTION

  • Published on:  Monday, December 9, 2019
  • TXT (투모로우바이투게더) - 'Magic Island' | MV & TEASER REACTION

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    Hello Viewers!

    I know it's a couple of weeks late...but the wait is finally over! I am SUPER excited to be sharing my thoughts on TXT's MV for 'Magic Island'!! Not only did I talk about theories and the relation of TXT's universe to BTS' universe, but the fact that I was speechless for a lot of the official MV reaction, just goes to show how amazed I am at Big Hit's filming of this particular MV. Is it the best they have made to date? I don't know...but I would love to hear all of your thoughts on the filming itself, the song, the storyline, and the theories/relations to other TXT MV's or BTS MV's.

    I will be creating TXT and BTS universe videos later on! I will be going over theories I found myself and over theories I found other ARMY's or MOA's predict. So if you have any theories, I'll give you a shout out and possibly put you in one of those videos! We all have to work and communicate together on this project of figuring out the similarities, relations, and answers to the universes that Big Hit has come up with! They have us studying and researching so much on our own time, it's like a job or a class...Big Hit should create classes to go over theories...just saying!

    But please look forward to not only theory videos, but to my reaction on the 'Angel or Devil' teasers and MV! I am SUPER HYPED UP to watch those, as 'Angel or Devil' would be a fun song to create a MV for...and to also do more research and study the possible theories that could be in that video...

    MOA's, thank you for all the support as well! All of you are so awesome!! Please keep streaming and voting for TXT! Send them your love and care as much as possible :) Also, to ARMY's as well! Well...MOARMY's!

    1.) Beom Gyu's Teaser - https://www.nghenhachay.co/play/YXBWdzhWUUU5bXM.html
    2.) Yeon Jun's Teaser - https://www.nghenhachay.co/play/OEVObmMwcUZhYkE.html
    3.) Soo Bin's Teaser - https://www.nghenhachay.co/play/WHF1d0ZaN3dScE0.html
    4.) Huening Kai's Teaser - https://www.nghenhachay.co/play/ZzBPZnVOakp6ODQ.html
    5.) Tae Hyun's Teaser - https://www.nghenhachay.co/play/X3R6R2J2S1RWTHc.html
    6.) "Magic Island' Official MV - https://www.nghenhachay.co/play/S3NrRXg4Sy1sMlE.html
    7.) 'Our Summer': Background Music - https://www.nghenhachay.co/play/TV9pWXFSTlNfbzA.html
    8.) Tomorrow x Together Channel - https://www.nghenhachay.co/artist/UCtiObj3CsEAdNU6ZPWDsddQ
    9.) TXT Official Merch - https://www.weply.io/