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  • Published on:  Wednesday, November 23, 2022
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    What I Will Learn?
    ✅Day-1: Overview A.I | Machine Learning
    ✅Day-2: Introduction to Python | How to write code in Google Colab, Jupyter Notebook, Pycharm & IDLE
    ✅Day-3: Advertisement Sale prediction from an existing customer using LOGISTIC REGRESSION
    ✅Day-4: Salary Estimation using K-NEAREST NEIGHBOR
    ✅Day-5: Character Recognition using SUPPORT VECTOR MACHINE
    ✅Day-6: Titanic Survival Prediction using NAIVE BAYES
    ✅Day-7: Leaf Detection using DECISION TREE
    ✅Day-8: Handwritten digit recognition using RANDOM FOREST
    ✅Day-9: Evaluating Classification model Performance using CONFUSIONMATRIX, CAP CURVE ANALYSIS & ACCURACY PARADOX
    ✅Day-10: Classification Model Selection for Breast Cancer classification
    ✅Day-11: House Price Prediction using LINEAR REGRESSION Single Variable
    ✅Day-12: Exam Mark Prediction using LINEAR REGRESSION Multiple Variable
    ✅Day-13: Predicting the Previous salary of the New Employee using
    ✅Day-14: Stock price prediction using SUPPORT VECTOR REGRESSION
    ✅Day-15: Height Prediction from the Age using DECISION TREE REGRESSION
    ✅Day-16: Car price prediction using RANDOM FOREST
    ✅Day-17: Evaluating Regression model performance using R-SQUARED INTUITION & ADJUSTED R-SQUARED INTUITION
    ✅Day-18: Regression Model Selection for Engine Energy prediction.
    ✅Day-19: Identifying the Pattern of the Customer spent using K-MEANS CLUSTERING
    ✅Day-20: Customer Spending analysis using HIERARCHICAL CLUSTERING
    ✅Day-21: Leaf types data visualization using PRINCIPLE COMPONENT ANALYSIS
    ✅Day-22: Finding Similar Movie based on ranking using SINGULAR VALUE DECOMPOSITION
    ✅Day-23: Market Basket Analysis using APIRIORI
    ✅Day-24: Market Basket Optimization/Analysis using ECLAT
    ✅Day-25: Web Ads. Click through Rate optimization using UPPER BOUND CONFIDENCE
    ✅Day-26: Sentimental Analysis using Natural Language Processing
    ✅Day-27: Breast cancer Tumor prediction using XGBOOST
    ✅Day-28: Bank Customer classification using ANN
    ✅Day-29: Pima-Indians Diabetes Classification using CONVOLUTIONAL NEURAL NETWORK
    ✅Day-30: A.I Snake Game using REINFORCEMENT LEARNING

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