Best Way To Stream Sports | NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, MLS & more

  • Published on:  Friday, July 26, 2019
  • If you're looking to cut the cord, or even just save some money, and still be able to stream live sports- we've got you covered! Just keep your eye on the ball, take it one game at a time, and we'll help you knock it out of the park! Okay, enough terrible sports puns....



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    Two quick notes about the info here:
    ● $ amounts are from the 2018-2019 seasons, and can change
    ● Skip ahead to the section(s) that are most relevant to you
    - Football (1:09)
    - Baseball (2:20)
    - Basketball (3:19)
    - Hockey (4:25)
    - Soccer (4:50)

    ● NFL SUNDAY TICKET*- $293.94
    - Gets you every out-of market Sunday NFL game
    ●NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX*- $395.94
    - Includes Red Zone and DIRECTV Fantasy Zone
    ● College Football???
    - Sling TV- $25 for the first month, $40/month (Sling Orange + Sling Blue) for 5 months = $225
    - Conference Streaming Services like ACCN, PAC-12 Network, etc.
    - Most major games will be on ESPN, FOX, etc.

    *NFL SUNDAY TICKET is a DIRECTV service.

    ●MLB.TV - $92/season (Single team), $119/season (All teams)
    ● MiLB.TV- $50

    ●NBA League Pass- $119/season (Single team), $199/season (All teams), $249/season (All teams + arena stream + no commercials)
    ● NCAA Basketball- check for conference networks

    ●NHL.TV- $110/season (Single team), $140/season (All teams)

    Soccer (US):
    ● ESPN+- $5/month (MLS out-of-market games)
    ●FuboTV- $55/month

    Soccer (International):
    ●Fanatiz- $10/month (Argentina, Mexico, Chile, Peru, etc.)
    ●NBC Sports- $65/season (English Premiere League)

    Don't forget that these are IN ADDITION TO you other streaming costs to get these networks, such as:
    ●Netflix- $13/month
    ●Hulu- $6/month
    ●Disney+- $7/month