10 Streamers That Got SWATTED On Live Stream!

  • Published on:  Sunday, December 6, 2020
  • 10 Streamers That Got SWATTED On Live Stream!
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    Cool or funny, crazy or messed up you decide after watching ten streamers who got swatted live on camera.
    Swatting is crazy, I mean why would someone want to call a swat team on a streamer but then again, some people are messed up and will do anything for a prank. If you don’t know what swatting is, you’d better watch this video or else you could be swatted too, you know. It’s when someone pranks a YouTube streamer or Gamer by calling the cops on them accusing them of something really serious going on at their house. A swat time promptly arrives and takes down the streamer with the entire incident being streamed on camera.
    Jordan Kootra swatted
    Jaryd Russel Lazar, AKA Summit1g
    Rolly Ranchers
    Joshua Peters AKA KoopaTroopa787
    Alexander Wachs
    Tyler Dobbs
    Gross Gore

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